Drywalling Johannesburg Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Drywalling Johannesburg.

Mr F. Gains

Drywalling Johannesburg is the number one company to go to if you are looking for professional and attractive looking drywalling services. I need repairs on my old damaged drywalling and I could not believe the job they did on my walls. I could not even tell where the damage began and ended. Thank you for such a beautiful job done, I will be most definitely calling you guys from now on because the previous guy just did a naught of a job so am really happy that I found you guys, thanks so much!

Ms K. Loekemoer

I was looking to get my drywalling decorated some how, I just didn’t in what way and if it was really possible because I have not seen anywhere but the internet, I didn’t even know if it would cost an arm or an leg but I was so despereate to get rid of the plain lookinf drywalling that I callled up Drywalling Johannesburg who advised that it is always better to plan ahead especially when it comes to decorative drywalling but they provided me with some designs they could do on already installed drywalling and I was also really surprised by the reasonable costs of the whole design. I am really happy about how my drywalling is looking and I will be calling you guys to come do some of my other rooms, thanks for the awesome service, see you soon!

Mr H. Hughes

My drywalling was constantly getting hammered by the doorknobs and it didn’t seem like a big problem at first but the kids really did a number on the drywalling and we had a large hole appear within a few months of the drywalling and we could have really avoided this but we are all so busy and Drywalling Johannesburg came to our rescue with some amazing skills on drywalling repairs. We can’t even notice where the hole was and the guy I think his name was John also provided us with a way to stop the doorknob from doing future damages which I really think was fantastic and thoughtful because I didn’t ask him to do that. Thank you very John for your wonderful.

Mrs B. Mage

I called Drywalling Johannesburg as soon as I saw what they did to my friends drywalling, it was just a wow and wanted to decorate my drywalling as well and guess what? They did a perfect job! Thank you for such a beautiful design I really love it!